SPACE Creative Studio

SPACE opened its doors in January 2020 in the heart of Macclesfield Mill District. Set in a former Weavers Mill, with 188 years of heritage and character, you will find the unit open 7 days a week with flexible working hours to accommodate all lifestyles.

Committed to offering a full experience and fulfilling expectations from the moment you step into SPACE. A relaxing and warm environment we will ensure you leave feeling the very best version of yourself.

All the furniture and artwork has been customized and handcrafted with the same passion I apply to my work. Sourcing locally not only benefits the environment by cutting down on transportation distances, which lowers greenhouse emissions, it also builds the local economy whilst bringing the community together and enriching local culture – something I strongly believe in and will ensure to continue when opening phase 2 and 3 in other locations.

The final element to be added to SPACE was music. I feel the best therapy is music, choosing my playlist for the unit was one of my biggest tasks. It had to be on brand and the right fit for SPACE.

SPACE has an open-door policy, and everyone is welcome. I want people to feel like they can drop by for a coffee (or maybe something stronger) and good conversation even if they don’t have an appointment.

Over the years I have been influenced by many different artists, studio spaces and designers worldwide which have inspired me to bring this vision to life.

Finding the right location was key for me to deliver the experience I knew SPACE would have to offer. I wanted to stay true to my roots and where I grew up so falling across a unit within a building that has so much history couldn’t have been more perfect.

I want everyone that walks into SPACE to feel something. I created a place for people to feel safe, connected and simply good about themselves.

The hair industry is now one of the fastest growing industries. I needed SPACE to be versatile and without an identity so we can adapt and grow with the people upon demand.

Every element inside was designed with purpose. Fortunately, I relate to some truly talented artists and craftsmen from the local area, some of which now hold a piece inside SPACE.


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Unit 1 Waterside Mill